The 52 Project, Weeks 11-17

May 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm popping in over this long weekend with a catch up of my 52 Project. If this is the first time you're hearing about the project, all it involves is taking a photograph of your child or children every week for 52 weeks. This is my first time doing the project, and as much as it does require some discipline (even for a photographer) I love the fact that I am going to have a record of my daughter's development through every week of the year. I definitely recommend you do it too.

I haven't posted a project update on my blog for a little while, so have seven weeks of photographs to share with you today. If you'd like to see how the project has progressed so far you can find all of the previous updates here.

Week 11/52 'Helping' Daddy do the gardening. Week 12/52 She mastered balancing on this rope at our local park.

Week 13/52 Posing in the studio after one of my newborn sessions. She'd just got home from nursery where Jo Jingles had visted...hence the sticker, and bits of her lunch down the front of her cardigan!

Week 14/52 On the beach in the lovely town of Sitges, in Spain.

Week 15/52 Exploring the stunning Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

Week 16/52 Happy in the bluebells! We spent a lovely morning at Winkworth Arboretum where their bluebell forest was in bloom.

Week 17/52 Tiny details. I've been wanting to capture her eyelashes for a long time...they are enviably long! I seized my moment this week whilst she was busy with Playdoh.


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